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Established in 2002 in Tirana Albania, Tashko Pustina is recognized as one the fastest growing commercial law firms in Albania. From 2012 Tashko Pustina successfully operates in Prishtina, Kosovo. The firm gathers a dynamic team of experienced and energetic lawyers having a strong focus on best legal solutions on the key industry sectors of the economy.

Leading Firm Award
Floran Pustina Award
Flonia Tashko Award



Other Professionals

Kozeta Speci
Senior Associate

Kozeta is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. She has a 15-year experience in the practice and she has joined Tashko Pustina’s team in 2012. She holds a BA in Law from…

Irina Kotenko
Senior Associate

Irina is a Dutch practitioner, who works as a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. Her law practice covers both commercial and non-commercial aspects including contracts, European competition law, economic disputes resolution, including…

Erkand Kola
Senior Associate

Erkand is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina, who joined the firm in 2013 providing with legal expertise in the ambit of bankruptcy law, property law, law of contracts and torts, as…

Jolita Hoxholli
Senior Associate

Jolita Hoxholli is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. She holds a Master’s 2 degree on General Private Law and a second Master’s 2 degree on Public Law and Economics, both from…

Vera Muço
Senior Associate

Vera is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. She completed her postgraduate studies at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Netherlands on Commercial Law. From 2012 to 2015, Vera acted as part of the legal…

Blerta Ngucaj
Senior Associate

Blerta is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Law University of Tirana, and she has a six-year experience with the firm. She has been…

Rudi Metaj
Senior Associate

Rudi is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. He was educated in Paris France at Université Paris 10 Nanterre, Maîtrise en droit des affaires (Business Law) and he has earned a masters…

Anila Alliu
Senior Associate

Anila is a senior associate at Tashko Pustina. She completed her university studies at the Faculty of Law University of Tirana, and her postgraduate studies at Luarasi University. Currently Anila is located…

Florian Hasko

As of January 2016, Florian is the most recent partner of the firm, following an 8-year term with Tashko Pustina. He has earned a master degree on European Law at University of…

Floran Pustina

Floran Pustina is a corporate and commercial law practitioner. His practice areas cover industries such as energy, telecom, banking, construction, defence, real estate, healthcare, and tourism. Floran has an extensive experience in…

Flonia Tashko – Boriçi

Flonia Tashko – Boriçi is the managing partner of Tashko Pustina. She was graduated from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where she also completed her postgraduate studies. In 20016 Flonia was admitted…


Office in Tirana:
Rruga Ibrahim Rugova
No. 5, Sky Tower 13/4
1000 Tirana - Albania

Office in Prishtina:
Rr. Fehmi Agani 23 / 6-1
10000 Prishtina - Kosovo

Member of:
Association of Balkan Legal Experts

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