Solar power auction for 140 MWp in Karavasta

The Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy said investors have until 16 March 2020 to submit their bids for the construction and operation of a 140 MW photovoltaic facility in Karavasta region. The project includes the design, financing, construction, operation, maintenance, and transfer of a photovoltaic facility for the generation of energy in the area of Remas –
Karavasta, Lushnjë dhe Libofshë, Fieri, with an installed capacity of 70 MWp as part of the support measures, and an additional installed capacity of 70 MWp, which is not part of support measures (in total 140 MWp of installed capacity).
The successful investor shall benefit a 15-year power purchase agreement with the designated offtaker for the purchase of 70 MWp capacity, as part of support measures, while the other 70 MWp shall be not be part of the support measures. A project development agreement for a 30-year term shall be executed with the successful bidder. The bidding instructions and other project documents shall be issued to the interested bidders against the registration and payment of a participation fee to the
Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.